Hiring Policy
Hiring Policy            Personnel C – 15
October 5, 1998      April 6, 1998

The recruitment philosophy which guides all staffing activities in the Board reflects the provisions of current employment and current human rights legislation. Thus, it shall be the policy of the Board that recruitment of full-time staff shall be conducted in the manner outlined in the Administrative Regulations. Full time applies to employees working not less than 30 hours per week.

Administrative Regulations

The Board shall designate a Hiring Committee. The Committee shall consist of Trustees, Board Staff or a combination of other persons, as the Board deems appropriate.

The Committee shall develop the following for Board approval:
  • a job description
  • job criteria
  • interview questions and process
  • advertising plan
  • reference check form
The Hiring Committee shall review applications and develop a short list for interviewing. In the interview process:
  • all applicants shall be asked the same questions
  • all members of the Hiring Committee shall attend all interviews
  • applicants shall be ranked as follows:
    1. 1st
    2. 2nd
    3. 3rd
    4. Others

If, for some reason, the first candidate does not accept the position, the Board shall move to the second, then the third candidate. Applicants shall be informed of the opportunity for a debriefing following the interview process.

Candidates wishing to work for the Protestant Separate School Board of the Town of Penetanguishene may apply in one of the following ways:

1. Register with Apply To Education: www.applytoeducation.com, where you can fill out an application and attach a resume and cover letter. All our teaching employment opportunities will be posted on Apply to Education. You are encouraged to sign up for the Job Alert feature on apply to education, which will alert you of new job postings from the Protestant Separate School Board of the Town of Penetanguishene.

2. Mail to: The Protestant Separate School Board of the Town of Penetanguishene Box 107, 2 Poyntz Street Penetanguishene ON L9M 1M2